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Wallace, NS B0K 1Y0
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at Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club

at Barrachois Harbour Yacht Club

We specialise in the complete development of building sites, including

  • driveways & culverts
  • roadways
  • septic systems designed and installed
  • basements (with local contractors)
  • engineered slabs
  • earthworks & land-forming
  • shoreline armouring
  • QP1/QP2 consultations for subdivisions
  • ready mix concrete, specialty concretes

We have tried to include a great deal of content in this website. You can find articles and pictorials under the links to the left, and you can find a number of brochures (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) under the "Brochure" link.

Last updated 23 September '11

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We offer much more than just ready-mix concrete. We have begun to offer complete building-lot development services, all the way from the driveway to the finished foundation. And by doing all of these development jobs we can be economically efficient and we can ensure that everything is co-ordinated appropriately. We will build the roadway into your foundation site, but we won't put the top coat of gravel on before the heavy equipment is finished on the lot. We will know to run the trenches for water and sewer pipes before we build the driveway, for example, so you don't have to watch one contractor's backhoe digging up the driveway built by a different contractor. And some of the costs included in many development projects are associated with moving heavy equipment to and from the site. If we are doing all the work, we will know to do the appropriate parts of all the jobs while each piece of equipment is at your site.

We can build on-site sewage disposal systems of any size or complexity. We are qualified under NS Department of Environment regulations to evaluate the site and the soil conditions, and to choose an appropriate design of septic system to meet the Department's standards. We are also affiliated with engineering firms who can design a system to accomodate unusual soil or topography conditions, or unusual space restrictions.

We work with affiliated local contractors for the construction of basements and slabs with frost walls. Sometimes we will act as general contractor and sub-contract the basement to local firms whom we know to be qualified and capable, and sometimes we have the client and contractor deal directly. We tend to complete the engineered slabs ourselves, as there are not many local contractors with working relationships with Professional Engineers for the design and oversight of complicated, poured-at-once slabs. But we still hire local craftsmen to actually place the concrete, as the pouring and finishing of concrete is both a skill and an art, and there are some very capable companies on the North Shore who reliably provide excellent results for our customers.

We also do earthworks and land forming, which is basically adjusting the topography of your site to suit your needs. A recent job that we completed was to carve a slice out of a side-hill to create a gravelled parking area beside a local home. The job also involved a thorough treatment of all the drainage problems around the area, dry-laid stone walls to hold the rest of the hill in place, and general landscaping to make everything blend in together. The work was landscaping in the truest sense of the word.

Armouring shorelines has become an important project for many people as they look to protect their investment in shoreline homes. We have lots of information and pictures (above) on this activity.

We don't have a mission statement to put in here, but we thought that it was important that we explain our business philosophy. Essentially, we want all of our customers to become our friends, and we want them to stay our friends. To accomplish that, we ensure that we do good work at a fair price, and we ensure that we provide our customers with all the information that they need or want to understand the nature of the job that we are going to do for them.

Rte 6 Ready Mix Ltd is owned and operated by Marius Rasmussen, a life-long resident of Malagash, NS.

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